Robot 2.0

Robot 2.0


  • Lyca Productions


  • 2018

What We Did

  • 4 male hero specialty superhero costumes
  • 2 female hero superhero costumes
  • 12 male hero custom wardrobe
  • 3 female hero custom wardrobe
  • Build schedule: approximately 4 months

Our team worked with legendary director, Shankar and venerated actor, Rajinikanth to design head to toe custom specialty costumes for three different Robot characters. Each character had 3D sculpted elements that were molded and cast in urethane utilizing 3D modeled - printed parts, molded and casted. Master parts prepared with multiple texture levels from glass smooth to a sand grit to add dimension. Casted parts intrinsically colored for overall on set maintenance. Multiple areas of the superhero style suits required lighting with individual and shared power sources. Fabrics and materials custom dyed and/or printed with a dimensional repeating pattern to add texture. Utilizing several techniques to achieve paint/finishes from dying plastics to automotive candy colors and chrome paint systems. Uniquely, the paint was intrinsically cast metal powders to create the unique metal paint finish.

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