Ender's Game

Ender's Game


  • Summit Entertainment


  • 2013

What We Did

  • 85 Space Suits
  • 85 Space Helmets
  • Build Schedule: approximately 10 weeks

Our team created very unique multidimensional space suits using specialized techniques that combined multi-layered materials such as 3D printed fabrics, leather and other specialty fabrics. Many specialized techniques were required to integrate multiple layered laser cut materials in different patterns to help build a three dimensional aesthetic to the space suits. Each suit contained a jacket with sculpted molded elbow pads and neck collars, a pair of pants with sculpted molded pad and a pair of suit and gloves. The 3D helmets were sculpted and molded to various actor head sizes with custom clear cast urethane visors. Each helmet was individualized to keep the lowest sleekest profile to the Hero cast heads and had vented fan systems to help with actor comfort by keeping their heads cool and helping mitigate visor fogging. This build was one of the more challenging that our company took on as the children actors grew substantially through the build process necessitating modifications and alterations. In addition, the build schedule for this type of unique costume was very challenging.

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