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F.R.E.D.I. – Behind the Scenes & Red Carpet

Behind the Scenes + Interview with Christian Beckman from Quantum Creation FX

Released in 2018
"The team who designed and worked with FREDI on set. FREDI was designed by Christian Beckman's Quantum Creation FX in Burbank, CA."
Behind the Scenes
Red Carpet Interview

See This ‘Cosplay Melee’ Judge’s Impressive Resume

Judging the SYFY TV show

Written by Laura Rosenfeld
"Cosplay Melee premieres on Tuesday, March 21 at 10 p.m. ET on SyFy, and this reality competition is challenging some of the world's most talented cosplayers to make the most jaw-dropping creations of their lives...So who is this man who (partially) has the contestants' fate in his hands? Read on to find out what makes Beckman such a boss among cosplayers."
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God of War: Ascension "From Ashes" BTS

In-depth Behind the Scenes Video

Published Feb 8, 2013
"Go behind the scenes to see the process of bringing Kratos, from the hit PlayStation-exclusive franchise God of War, to life along with an entire Spartan army in the "From Ashes" live action trailer for God of War: Ascension."
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Armoring the Digital Age: Quantum Creation FX

The Costume Designer Tech Tidbit

Written by Christine Cover Ferro Spring 2013
"Much of the technology of special effects sprang fully formed from its creators' brow, and many of the techniques used to transform Ricou Browning and Ben Champan into The Creature from the Black Lagoon continue to work perfectly well today."
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Ender's Game to be Released in IMAX

In-depth Behind the Scenes Video

Written By: Dave Trumbore
"For a project that has the epic scope of Ender's Game, it's only fitting that the film be released in IMAX. Fans can look forward to seeing the adaptation of the beloved Orson Scott Card novel in IMAX format when it debuts in theaters November 1st, 2013."
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NPR That's Not CGI: At Monsterpalooza, Monsters are Real

Written By: Beth Accomando
"Summer is coming, and with it comes big summer movies, stuffed full of computer-created aliens, monsters and giant explosions. Not all filmmakers want to use CGI, however, and many of them gathered to celebrate the craft of "practical effects" at a recent convention called Monsterpalooza in Burbank, Calif."
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Focus on Superhero Costume Builders

Written By: Anna Wyckoff
"Quantum Creation FX came into being as a creature shop, but superhero costumes were a natural progression because their construction techniques tend to cross over. "We did speciality costumes for Michael Wilkinson on 'Tron' and 'Watchmen,' and have worked with Michael Kaplan on 'Star Trek,' among others," says Christian Beckman of Quantum Creation FX."
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Where Fact Meets Fiction

Q&A In Schön! 14 - Strike! with Christian Beckman

Written By: Rebecca Chuks
"We talk to Christian Beckman of Quantum Creation FX who is responsible for many of the 'marvel'-ous makeup effects and costumes that make cinema seem so very real."
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All the Rage

LA Times: 'Tron: Legacy' costume designer talks light-up suits, pixie hairdos and Spanx

Written By: Booth Moore
"From the beginning, we knew we had to do practical lighting on the suits, so we reached out to three special effects houses in the Los Angeles area. And one of them, Quantum Creation FX, found a sample that had just been developed, and had only been used on Japanese security vests. It was a thin vinyl sheeting, flexible and pliable. The technical name for it is a polymer-based elastomeric electro luminescent lamp."
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Fearnet's 'Zombie Roadkill'

Tubefilter covers the leak of Zombie Roadkill's trailer

Written By: Drew Baldwin
"The series marks the fourth FEARnet project from Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures. The six episode horror-comedy was written by Henry Gayden and directed by David Green. Like FEARnet's successful series Fear Clinic, which took home a Streamy Award for Best Visual Effects, Zombie Roadkill promises some spectacular special effects, thanks to Frank Langley and Tom Bacho of Quantum FX (Where the Wild Things Area, Star Trek, Watchmen), who were brought on to bring the terrifying creatures to life."
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Tron: Legacy

DVD Review in SLANT Magazine

Written By: Chris Cabin
"And extraordinary they are: Kosinski, a heralded architect and video game/commercial director working closely with production designer Darren Gilford and the team of geniuses at Quantum Creation FX, unveils a vinyl ultraworld emblazed with orange, yellow, white, and blue neon streaks, complete with oceans of negative space, a dazzling score courtesy of Daft Punk, and perhaps the most sexualized computer program ever put to the screen, in the guide of Olivia Wilde."
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In Print

First Look: Costumes of Tron

The Hollywood Reporter Hollywood Style First Look

Written by: Leslie Bruce
The Hollywood Reporter
November 10, 2010
"...the call went out to special effects companies to find a light source that was both pliable and lightweight. With the help of Quantum Creation FX, they stumbled upon a solution in an unexpected place: It was a piece of light tape being made in the U.S. for the vests of Japanese security officials. Although basic in its design, the [designers] knew it had Tron-tastic potential."

Nightmares & Dreamscapes

Cinefex number 125 article on Sucker Punch

Written by: Joe Fordham
April, 2011
"Babydoll and her team enter enemy territory and run into mutated German stormtroopers with steam-powered mechanical faces. Quantum Creation FX created stormtrooper makeups as prosthetic applications on stunt performers, with radio controlled appendages and breathing mechanisms..."

Legacy System

Cinefex number 124 article on TRON: Legacy

Written by: Jody Duncan
January, 2011
"Whether acting on the bluescreen stage or on a full practical set, actors portraying hero characters wore illuminated foam suits created by Quantum Creation FX. Building the suits was a major endeavor, requiring the efforts of 150 artists and technicians spread over three buildings..."

The Manhattan Project

Cinefex number 117 article on Watchmen

Written by: Joe Fordham
April, 2009
"Costume designer Michael Wilkinson commissioned Quantum Creation FX to build superhero suits for the Watchmen team. The most complex suit design was for Nite Owl (Patric Wilson) -- morally conflicted scientist and inventor Dan Drieberg -- who wore a cowl and cape in a hooded bird design..."

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