Our Causes

We feel environmental responsibility saves money and reduces waste. We realize our actions impact our employees, our environment, and extend to our international community.

Our Steps


Quantum's studios are powered through a special program offered by Burbank Water and Power called the "Green Energy Champion Program." We participate at the "Bronze" level. This means that 15% of our energy use must be generated from green sources.


Our Goal for 2021 is to purchase carbon credits to off-set Quantum's environmental footprint.


Much of our office technology is Energy Star rated which is a primary criterion when purchasing new equipment.


Our long-distance provider, CREDO, allows us to donate 1% of our monthly telephone bill to social and environmental causes of our choice. In addition, CREDO donates 1% of its annual profits.



Many of our daily office supplies and cleaning products have little or no chemically harmful ingredients. We use 100% bio-degradable/compostable products when possible.


To save trees and reduce paper waste and employee effort, Quantum signed up with Greendimes.com to reduce the amount of junk mail received. As part of our subscription, they also plant a tree on our behalf every month.


Our company subscribes to the National Green Pages. This organization is a leader in showing consumers where to shop green and socially responsible throughout the United States.

Performing Arts

Fountain Theatre

Intimate and award-winning forum for rare Flamenco music performances and original plays.

The Magic Castle (Academy of Magical Arts)

Internationally renowned private club featuring the world’s most remarkable and accomplished magicians.

The Smithsonian Museum

A global leader in the preservation of history and an acclaimed research center dedicated to preserving history and promoting knowledge.

Economic & Social Justice


Microcredit "a hand up, not a hand out"

E + CO Energy

Implements clean energy solutions to help small scale entrepreneurs lift themselves out of poverty.


Solar Electric Light Fund - helps bring remote, unelectrified villages into the grid with small, custom solar power installations.

The Salvation Army

Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission

United Farmworkers

San Diego Brain Tumor Foundation

Education & Human Progress

The Futurist

Alliance for a New Humanity

Civil Rights / Freedom of Expression

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