"Quantum Leap"

In 2005, project producer Christian Beckman, saw an opportunity to create a new vision for the makeup effects industry.

"It really was a quantum leap. I looked at the industry and felt there was a real need for a new style of management and oversight in the creation process. I wanted to offer an exceptional product but at a more economical cost. Quantum is accomplishing this by bringing together a superior group of people, providing hands on communicative management and insisting on individualized attention for our clients at a fair price."


Quantum seeks to continuously pursue education, stay on the forefront of technological advances and maintain an open door policy. "I encourage our artists and department heads to give suggestions on improving costs and methods. I want to not just innovate, but to always get better as a company. For example, we are looking at ways to cut the environmental burden and toxicity of our products. Our open door policy allows a forum for collective feedback, constant peer review, constructive commentary and support. Our goal is to deliver a great product even if given time and budget constraints."

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