Ender's Game Summit Entertainment

​2012 Produced 75 head to toe custom fitted child-size flash suits.

Magic Mike Warner Brothers

​2012 Sculpted a Greek godlike bust of Matthew McConaughey.

Snow White & The Huntsman Universal Pictures

​2011 Created 80 full head-to-toe suits of armor, and an additional 130 helmets for the silver army.

Men In Black III Columbia Pictures

​2011 Constructed specialty props for the film.

The Hunger Games Lionsgate

​2011 Fabricated 25 sets of Peacekeeper vests and helmets.

Contagion Warner Brothers

​2011 Produced custom props including dead monkeys and contagious dead human bodies.

Sucker Punch Warner Brothers

​2010 Created many individual characters that had a combination of prosthetics, animatronics and wardrobe. Some on set days had up to 30 orcs on set at one time.

TRON: Legacy Disney

​2010 Produced over 100 foam sculpted costumes, each with an intricate lighting system, and made the costumes for all hero characters.




The Last Airbender Paramount

​2010 Produced 275 sets of armor for the Fire Nation, helmets for the Water Nation, hundreds of scabbards and the Blue Spirit mask.

Sutures Alpha Omega Entertainment

​2009 Designed and created prosthetics and makeup effects.

House of the Devil Magnet Films

​2009 Designed and created prosthetics and makeup effects.

Star Trek Paramount Pictures

​2008 Produced specialty costume elements, helmets and weapons, such as Sulu's retractable sword.

G.I. Joe Paramount Pictures

​2008 Produced specialty costume elements and armor for the Neo Vipers, along with specialty props, such as the missile launchers and gatling guns on the accelerator suits.

Ninja Nu Image Films

​2008 Produced the hero and stunt specialty costumes.

Vacancy 2 Stage 6 Films, Inc.

​2008 Designed and created prosthetics and makeup effects.

The House Adversary, LLC.

​2008 Designed and created prosthetics and makeup effects.

Watchmen Warner Brothers

​2008 Created specialty costumes for The Comedian, Ozymandias, and Nite Owl II, along with Rorschach's mask: each costume and it's elements were hand sculpted and hand fabricated. Produced beautiful capes for Nite Owl II and Ozymandias.

The Box Utopia Planitia Films

​2007 Sculpted prosthetics for CG scanning so they could be digitally added to the actor.

Next Day Air Next Day Air Productions

​2007 Designed and created prosthetics and makeup effects.

The Happening 20th Century Fox

​2007 Produced makeup fx gags using fake arms and heads.

Splinter Splinter Films, LLC

​2007 Designed and created many makeup effect elements and gags, as well as full body prosthetic suits, animal carcasses and animatronic arms and hands.

Inhabited Island(Obisaemyy Ostrov)Nonstop Productions, LLC (Russian based company)

​2007 Designed and created three head-to-toe werewolf suits with animatronic heads, and prosthetics for many other characters.

Cabin Fever II Tonic Films & Spring Fever Productions

​2007 Produced the prosthetic fx makeup for Cabin Fever 2, which at the time held the record for the largest quantity of blood on set.

Boogyman II Sony/Ghosthouse Pictures/Mandata Pictures

​2007 Designed and created multiple gags and makeup effects.

The Comebacks Fox Atomic

​2007 Designed and created prosthetics and makeup effects.

I Am Legend Warner Brothers

​2007 Produced approximately 60 charred bodies for the film as well as unused full body prosthetics for the infected mutants.

Click Sony

​2007 Created wigs for the director's cameo.

Southland Tales Darko Productions

​2007 Produced such makeup effects as the Rock's charred body, a severed arm gag and disguised prosthetics


ER Warner Brothers


Saving Grace TNT


Sons of Anarchy FX


The Evidence ABC​ / The Barn Production, Inc.


Threshold Trigold


The Shield Trigold


30 Days of Night: Blood Trials FEARnet



Hewlett Packard

​HP Envy with Dr. Dre


Toyota Corolla 2013 Movie Line

Capital One

The Visigoths (prop), Zipperhead

21st Century Insurance

"Flash Flood"

Big Lots!

Exclamation Girl and punctuation costumes


Dirt Cowgirl, Mud Women, Dust Guys and Girl, and Residue costumes


Honda Odyssey 2011 Romanic commercial


Power to own the road


Pepsi Light



Commercial for AC/DC album


FedEx alien

Dibbs Icecream

"Sponge Cake"

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