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Christian Beckman

President, Owner & Project Producer, Quantum Creation FX
Managing Partner, Trash Panda Entertainment

Christian joined makeup effects leader, Edge FX, Inc., in 1999. Within only five years, he was managing high profile shows as a coordinator and effects producer.

While at Edge FX, Christian served as project coordinator for Spiderman II overseeing the development of the "Doc Ock" character, one of the makeup effects industry's most challenging builds in recent years. When Edge FX left the industry in 2005, Christian saw an opportunity to create a new vision for the makeup effects industry and formed Quantum Creation FX, Inc.

Christian's multifaceted background serves him well in his capacity as president and project manager of Quantum. His experience ranges from producing makeup effect shows to managing a multi-million dollar retail store with 300 employees. Christian is a small business entrepreneur with activities ranging from specialty movie effects and large-scale live art installations to movie production and real estate. He has worked with an international clientele on a variety of creative projects.

When he's not producing specialty make up effects, he enjoys sculpting, movies, bodybuilding, specialty sports, cars and travel to the mountains.

"As owner and special effects project producer, I personally oversee every aspect of all projects from the initial client meetings through to development and delivery stages to ensure quality, efficiency, and excellence."

Christian Beckman

Costume from the film Watchmen

Our Artists Building a Costume from the Film Tron:Legacy

Our Team

At Quantum, our carefully curated core team is a group of select individuals representing a diversity of education, talent, skills, and experience to meet the needs of the global customer.

Quantum is unparalleled in its ability to take on the impossible. For TRON Legacy in 2009, we completed approximately 125 costumes with unique technologies in just three months. These costumes incorporated existing technologies but utilized them in novel new ways and this was achieved in a timeframe never seen before in the special effects industry. In 2018-2019, we again completed a herculean build of 12 full-scale walkaround dinosaurs in a time frame never achieved before in dinosaur building history. These realistic looking and life-size dinosaurs were built for the Jurassic World Live show and featured animatronics and specialized features. This is unprecedented. It takes multi-faceted skills, flexibility, determination, and courage to embrace difficult and at times, never before accomplished special effects builds.

Quantum welcomes clients who view respectful collaboration as integral to the creation of cutting edge special effects and ultimately – successful projects.

We make socially and environmentally conscious decisions whenever we can.

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Our Sister Company


Christian has joined forces with the talented director and Emmy Award-winning editor, Sean Olsen to form Trash Panda Entertainment. We aim to bring the most provocative stories to life, on film, in an atmosphere of authenticity and respect.

With a spirit of fun, hard work, and tenacity, the team provides a seamless development, production, and post-production experience.

Lucid Studios Inc.


Lucid Studios Inc. is the local 705, 44 and 892 union division of Quantum Creation FX Inc.

This separate division is dedicated to Quantum’s same principles of exacting precision in every detail, unique problem solving, commitment to providing a diverse and safe environment in which to collaborate, and an employee-first policy.

Highly skilled master artisans create beautiful one-of-a kind specialty costumes and props as well as offer other diverse services such as precision tailoring and prototyping.

"When I started Quantum, it really was a quantum leap. I looked at the industry and felt there was a real need for a new style of management and oversight in the creation process. I wanted to offer an exceptional product but at a more economical cost. Quantum is accomplishing this by bringing together a superior group of people, providing hands-on communicative management and insisting on individualized attention for our clients at a fair price."

Christian Beckman

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